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Centerstage Starz Health & Safety Guidelines

Centerstage Starz Health and Safety

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Protocols – Covid-19

Basic Concepts:

• Be aware of COVID-19 symptoms (Appendix A) and check the CDC website for updates. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html
• Dancers and staff should only be at the studios if feeling completely well with no symptoms of illness.
• Temperature checks using a no-touch forehead thermometer must be conducted daily for every individual before entering the studio.
• If a dancer or staff member has had COVID-19, they will need a clearance note from a doctor to return to the studios.
• Please do not send you dancer to the studio if they have a fever of 100.4 or above, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle aches, soar throat, or loss of taster or smell.
• Any possible exposure to someone with any Covid-19 symptoms or someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 (close contact for exposure is typically defined as within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes) Will need to quarantine 14 days before returning to the studio.
• Social distancing recommendations in general become significantly greater when dancers and athletes are exercising indoors.
• All dancers and staff need to behave as if they are an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 to help reduce risk that asymptomatic individuals are infecting an enclosed environment.
• Our staff will be cleaning all touch areas such as door handles, ballet barres, light switches, door knobs, and bathrooms. We have cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap to make sure we maintain a safe working environment with cleanings multiple times/day to adhere with safety guidelines.
Returning to Centerstage Starz:
• All staff will be required to wear a mask
• All Instructors will be in a designated area in the class room and will not have any physical contact with any of the students
• Every dancer will be getting a temperature check as they enter the building
• Dancers take off their street shoes at the studio entrance and will place them in a single file row in the hallway outside the studio or in the front lobby.
• We are highly recommending all dancers to wear a mask. If a dancer has to remove their mask, they will only be allowed to remove it when they are in the dance studio standing in their assigned square.
• Dancers in each studio will remain 6 feet apart, the studio floors will have square markings to indicate where to stand.
• Dancers with multiple classes will not change studios they will remain in the same studio and keep their assigned square through all of their classes
• Hand sanitizer will be in each studio
• We have several specific entrances and exits with signage to keep you safe
• Studio doors will be propped open to help with the air flow
• Parents are to drop off and pick up at a designated exit and not permitted in the studio. Any questions or information can be done through email, text, or a phone call.
• Dancer must bring their own water bottles that are full!
• The water fountain /Ice machine will not be in use
• If necessary or required by an instructor the dancers will be required to bring their own equipment (yoga mats, etc.)
• All locker rooms will be closed so dancers will need to bring their dance bags and they will be placed in a designated area in the studio.
• We are zooming all of our live-in studio classes for those not ready to return
• One person at a time in the restrooms
• Lobby is closed no waiting area available
• Dancers are encouraged to have personal hygiene kit in their dance bags that has hand sanitizer, a mask, and wipes
• Dress code is to be followed but for dancers who take multiple dance classes in one evening, they will only be allowed to wear one outfit. We suggest for dancers with several classes to wear: girls- black bra top and booty shorts or black leotard and or black leggings, boys- black t-shirt and black pants
• No make-up classes will be available during our summer session due to the limited number of students we are allowed to have in each class

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