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Class Descriptions

Centerstage Starz Dance Studio organizes all classes by age and ability level.

Beginning students should enroll in Level I classes. All classes above Level I require instructor approval and permission. When a student fulfills a specific set of requirements, the teacher will notify the individual student that he/she is ready to move to the next level.

JAZZ: Contemporary jazz technique varies with modern, classical, lyrical, and some hip-hop steps. Ballet class is highly suggested for dancers in Level II.  Levels III and IV are required to take a Ballet class for technique.

BALLET: For ages 6 to adults. The class is designed to focus on the basics of ballet. A typical class consists of barre, center floor technique, across-the-floor technique, and a choreographed routine. Upper-level technique classes and pointe classes are also available. We believe that strong ballet technique is the basis for all other forms of dance.

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY:  Takes jazz and ballet technique and some theatre to create a beautiful form of dance that is expressive and emotional. Students interested in taking Lyrical I should have at least one year of ballet and/or jazz.

HIP-HOP: Learn how to dance as you see in music videos. Hip Hop teaches the latest styles including, street style, lock, and pop, liquid popping, and break dancing.

BREAK DANCE: Break Dance is an element of Hip Hop culture. Individual skills and creativity are expressed through dancing in which dancers perform acrobatics that involve touching various parts of the body (such as the back or head) to the ground.

TAP: We take traditional tap and throw in a new twist. The class focuses on the basic technique of tap dancing and introduces rhythm, syncopation, and tricks.

POMS: This class is tailored to give students the training necessary to make high school or professional level dance/pom/cheer squads. We are home to the Colorado Rapids Cheerleaders and will teach students traditional jazz, and hip hop as well as tricks, kick lines, military style, stunts, and how to dance with poms.

TECHNIQUE (Also known as Turns and Leaps): This class focuses strictly on the technical aspects of dance. We break down turns and leaps in order to perfect them, as well as teach new techniques and tricks.

STRETCH AND STRENGTH: A class designed to build and elongate the muscles on which dancers depend. Includes push-ups, sit-ups, other strengthening and toning exercises, and of course, lots of stretching!

PRE-BALLET/TAP COMBINATION: Combination classes are a great way for students to experience different types of dance in a one-hour instructional time. These classes cater to our 3-5-year-old dancers. Class includes basic technique, stretching, and movement to music, playing educational games, and going across the floor for tap and ballet.

BALLET/JAZZ COMBINATION: Combination classes are a great way for students to experience different types of dance in a one-hour instructional time. Dancers will enjoy this interactive class that builds on basic movements. Jazz class includes an introduction to proper warm-ups and stretches for the body combined with across-the-floor progressions and mini combinations. The Ballet portion of class includes an introduction to the ballet barre and learning more challenging steps.

PRE-COMPANY TECHNIQUE: This class is for dancers who are serious and want to audition for the next competitive dance company season. The class prepares the dancers for the audition and they will drill technique exercises and build their self-confidence.

COMPETITIVE PERFORMING DANCE COMPANY: Company and classes are by audition only on an annual basis. Company members are talented, experienced, and dedicated performers who want to take performing out of the studio and into the community! Performances include competitions, banquets, malls, fundraisers, assisted living communities, etc. Company members may also travel. For more information, please see our Dance Company page.


HIGH SCHOOL POMS AND DANCE TEAMS: We offer private classes, instruction, and custom intensives for local high school poms and dance teams.

PRIVATE AND SEMI-PRIVATE INSTRUCTION:  Provided upon request, our teachers conduct private and/or semi-private instruction in all areas of the performing arts.

ANNUAL RECITAL:  We facilitate an annual recital, which includes all Centerstage Starz dancers. Performance opportunity is TBD.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: We host birthday parties at the studio, which include dance lessons for any age that can be customized to any theme.

SUMMER DANCE CAMPs: Diva Dance Camp June 12th-16th & July 17th-21st.